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English and Writing Courses

The Department of English offers graduate students a rich array of courses in American and British literature, literary criticism, cultural studies, rhetorical theory, and creative and technical writing. Our hands-on Publishing Program offers courses in every area of publishing, including book design and production, editing, marketing strategies, and book promotion.

For a complete list of all courses offered by the Department of English, see the current PSU Bulletin.

note Spring 2014 Course Descriptions are now available!

arrow Are you registering for a writing course that requires instructor approval? If so, you need to send a short writing sample to the instructor. You can find instructors' email addresses on the Faculty page.

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One-Credit Courses

Many student loans and grants require full-time status. At Portland State University, the full-time course load for graduate students is 9 credits. This means that a graduate student who enrolls for two 4-credit English or Writing courses will not have full-time status.

If you need a one-credit course to make up the full-time load for financial aid, there are several options available within the Department of English.

  • ENG 509/WR 509 Practicum: providing assistance to an instructor in a lower-division literature or writing course.
  • ENG 505/WR 505 Reading and Conference: arranged between a student and an instructor for various topics on the basis of special interests and need.
  • ENG 508/WR 508 Workshop: same as ENG 505 but with a group of students. Students should propose a topic to a faculty member who will sponsor the workshop.
  • One additional credit tied to 400/500 level classes: At the discretion of the instructor, some courses may offer an additional credit for extra work, e.g., a longer paper, a presentation, a parallel reading list of cultural, historical, critical, theoretical titles, etc.

These classes need special registration forms (505, 508, 509). Faculty might list on the 400/500 courses whether or not there is a one-credit add-on option, or you might negotiate individually with your professor for such a credit.

If you have any questions about your options for one-credit courses, please contact the Graduate Program Administrator.