Graduate Student Employment

English and Writing graduate students at Portland State University have a variety of possibilities for employment and professional development. Listed below are some of our employment opportunities.

 Graduate Assistantships: We have a limited number of Graduate Assistantships available in which you teach in a variety of contexts: teaching lower division composition courses, tutoring in the writing center, and assisting graduate program faculty with program and course development, and events. Depending on what your primary focus is, you may also teach courses in creative writing, technical writing, nonfiction writing, or gain administrative experience by serving as assistant director of writing.

As a Graduate Assistant (GA) you receive both tuition remission and a stipend for the three terms of the academic year, and your work supervised by the Director of Writing. In recent years we have also been able to offer some employment in the summer though this is not guaranteed. Graduate Assistantships are two-year appointments, with your contract renewed at the end of the first year provided your performance is satisfactory. Hence, you can only apply for a Graduate Assistantship at the time you apply to the graduate program.

 Writing Intensive Course (WIC) Assistant: In these positions you assist faculty in teaching writing skills for their WIC class. These courses span the curriculum and are mainly offered in departments other than English. Responsibilities may include such activities as reading drafts, leading writing workshops, or doing presentations on writing. To qualify for a WIC position you should take either English 413/513 Teaching and Tutoring Writing or English 414/514 Introduction to Composition Theory. WIC assistants are paid hourly and work less than 15 hours per week. This position does not include tuition remission. Download a WIC application or contact Susan Kirtley for more information.

 Writing Center Tutor: This position provides tutoring to students in one-to-one sessions in the Writing Center under the supervision of the Writing Center Coordinator, Dan DeWeese. To qualify for a Writing Center Tutor position, it is recommended you first take English 413/513 Teaching and Tutoring Writing. Tutors do not receive tuition remission but are paid an hourly wage or they may work for credit. Contact Dan DeWeese for more information.

 English Assistant: In this position you assist faculty in teaching the content of their courses. Responsibilities may include such activities as reading drafts, leading discussions, and lecturing. To qualify for an English assistantship, you should be in your second year of graduate study so that you have already experienced several graduate courses. English assistants do not receive tuition remission but may receive graduate credit.

 University Studies Graduate Mentor: Graduate Mentors are hired as Graduate Teaching Assistants to assist in Sophomore Inquiry classes. They work closely with their faculty partners and are creative team players in implementing course objectives. Mentors work 10-20 hours per week and receive graduate tuition and a monthly stipend. See Becoming a Mentor for more information.

 Work-Study Positions: If you qualify for the Federal Work-Study program, you may apply for a variety of jobs posted by the English department. To determine your eligibility, see PSU's Financial Aid website.